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Dr. LH Hiranandani Hospital: Why is it more important than ever to invest in mental health?

It is critical to safeguard our mental health at all times. Anyone who has been diagnosed with a mental health problem understands the need of investing in our mental health in order to reach our full potential. According to Hiranandani Hospital Powai News, COVID-19 has put unprecedented pressure on our mental health while also causing treatment and service disruptions all around the world. 

Evidence suggests it has increased stress, anxiety, loneliness, despair, substance abuse, self-harm, and suicidal behavior — despite the fact that getting help, particularly trained help, has never been more difficult.

While Mumbai appears to be in control of COVID-19 cases, the Bombay Psychiatric Society (BPS), an umbrella body of Mumbai psychiatrists, met with the governor, pressing him to pay attention to the state’s mounting mental health challenges.

Psychiatrists claim that there has been an increase in the previous 18 months and that the government must give mental health the same priority as COVID-19, tuberculosis, and other ailments.

Psychiatrists briefed the governor on the kind of cases they are encountering in adults, children, older citizens, and women during an hour-long meeting. “We informed him that these are issues that need to be addressed at the policy level by the government.” He agreed and expressed his support. We intend to pursue it at the federal level,” Dr. Sousa, the President of BPS stated.

In the last 18 months, there has been a 30-40% increase in mental health difficulties, according to Dr. Sousa. People who are seeking care for mental health have shifted dramatically with the introduction of teleconsultation, he observed. “Before the pandemic, this was not the case. People are willing to seek the assistance of psychiatrists, which is a welcome improvement.”

He went on to say that the government should take more steps to raise awareness about mental health issues. “The step-motherly treatment of mental health patients should come to an end. Mental health, like other disorders, should be prioritized because of the large number of people who are affected. We need to improve mental health programs at the district level. The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act must be implemented. To deal with the expanding number of mental health issues in our society, we need additional finances and infrastructure,” he stated.

Dr. Harish Shetty, the psychiatrist of Dr. LH Hiranandani Hospital, Powai, who had previously written to the state task force, believes that a mental health task force is necessary. “The disaster’s effect phase has now lasted more than 15 months. The impact on mental health will be 100 times greater than any other tragedy. We need a mental health survey as soon as possible, much like the serosurvey,” he added.


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